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Did they really have to make another “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie? Did they really? The previous movie was impressive enough, and they could have just stopped at that. As usual, Johnny Depp was at his ‘Captainy’ best but it lacked something.

Yes, it’s what they call a plot. This one sucked and bit like nobody’s business – although these verbs come to life in a different manner especially when Ms. Cruz flaunts her accent. If you’re a fan of hers, then it’s certainly a must-watch!

Honestly, if there’s anything that this movie flaunts, it is the acting skills of Johnny Depp in full flow, and it’s a treat to watch, thankfully without the distractions of having Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley around to ‘pad’ up the movie with “star power”.

So, how does the movie stand up to its previous installments?

Maybe it can be summed up in Sparrow’s dad’s words: The fountain (er, movie) will test you, Jackie…


Joshamee Gibbs (Jack Sparrow’s first mate) is on trial before King George the Second and amongst some very blood-thirsty citizens, I might add. Of course, Sparrow being the loyal Captain that he is hits London’s shores to rescue his first mate with little success.

If there’s anything that we know about Jack Sparrow from previous movies, he’s as slippery as an eel and in eluding the British Army, finds out that an imposter who calls himself as Captain Jack Sparrow is gathering a crew to find the Fountain of Youth.

In finding the imposter, he discovers that it is a former lover, Angelica who is posing as the phony Captain and is doing this to save her father who is a legend among pirates from his death at the hands of a one-legged man).

And this brings us to Captain Barbosa who is now in the service of the British Crown, having lost the Black Pearl to Angelica’s father, thanks to his ability of possessing supernatural powers notably of the voodoo variety. Strangely enough, they have a missionary onboard named Philip Swift, and who has been left untouched for his

Captain Jack Sparrows is brought aboard Angelica’s father’s ship Queen Anne’s Revenge, and fails to exact a mutiny with the current crew. (Johnny Depp carries off that sleaziness (and drunken ruthless ambition) in the movie to perfection.

What ensues are events that pit the British Navy, the pirates and the Spanish against each other for a mermaid’s tear, two silver chalices and eternal life as it were…

So, will Angelica’s father survive the prophecy foretold of his demise? What Captain Jack Sparrow really want but will he succumb to the wiles of a betrayed lover? What will become of the Black Pearl? What part will Captain Barbosa play in the scheme of things? And what will become of Philip Swift (a missionary aboard the ship)?

Will love prevail? Or will Angelica’s father meet his end as predicted by the Fates?

Month/ Year of Release: May 18, 2011

Duration: 137 minutes

Genre: Adventure/ Action

Overall Rating: 3.5

[Scale: 1 – Poor, 2 – Fair, 3 – Average, 4 – Good, 5 – Excellent]

In Closing

C’mon, you could have done better is what most people who watch this movie will think yet it’s not such a bad movie to watch just once. Sorry, but my opinion is that I would watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End again and again but despite the fact that this movie isn’t up to the mark, it still is fun to watch for its little twists and turns even if the plot seemed rather predictable and not necessarily leaving us with the “wow” experience.

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz do a fantastic job but what I loved the most is the part about the mermaid (notably the character called Serena as played by Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey) and her romance with the missionary and reminds me of my first love… Mmm!

So, there it is… watch the movie at least once but don’t expect anything remarkable from this movie even though it is riddled with jolly twists and turns that will keep you occupied for at least 2 hours.

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