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by Daniel Chakraborty

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There have been movies that have been made like Battle: Los Angeles before. Take for example, Independence Day, which made Will Smith a household name. That was about fifteen years, and the amount of coolness that he brought to the role ensured that it made almost 817 million dollars worldwide.

Battle: Los Angeles seems to follow a similar storyline but the thing with it is that it doesn’t have Will Smith but it does have Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez who bring their own somber but skillful energy to the movie.

Of course, the storyline bears a unique semblance to that of Independence Day but there’s one thing that this movie will guarantee you: more thrills and spills plus no aliens with dreadlocks either. Something that we’ve been used to for a long time now…


The movie starts off with Staff Sergeant Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) who is coping with the situation in which he lost his squad when they were deployed in Iraq but thanks to meteorites that are actually unidentified flying objects with hostile extraterrestrial beings has to work under Second Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez) in evacuating some civilians from an LAPD police station before the entire area is bombed at 1930 hours.

As the platoon (Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 5th Marines) makes their way to their target, it becomes apparent that the enemy does have air support in being able to scout their movements. Along the way, they also meet up with U.S Army soldiers along with Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez) whose job was to find the aliens central command center and destroy it so that the power of the battle could favor the humans instead.

In reaching the police station, they find hostages, and in trying to unload injured Marines on a helicopter, they find out that the enemy takes no prisoners as it is destroyed by enemy aircraft that later on turn out to be unmanned drones.

In addition to this, they also find out that the aliens are able to track their movements more accurately due to the fact that they have access to their radio frequency, and thus, radio silence becomes their way to avoid the enemy to a certain extent.

In an effort to evacuate the civilians outside the danger zone, they use a bus to do so, and are able to get them out of the danger zone to find that the bombing as planned did not fall through, leaving Nantz in charge of a team that does not trust him due to his reputation in Iraq.

Will the team (and the civilians) make it past the aliens and their drones safely? Will Nantz’s hunch to bring down the central command work? And most of all, will Nantz restore his reputation as a good leader of a Marines unit?

Month/ Year of Release: March 2011

Duration: 116 minutes

Genre: Action/ Sci-Fi

Overall Rating: 4/5

[Scale: 1 – Poor, 2 – Fair, 3 – Average, 4 – Good, 5 – Excellent]

In Closing

As mentioned earlier, the action is fast-paced with aliens who are balding and have a weak point in their torso (ID4, anyone?). What was cool about the movie is all the Marines talk but they tend to take it past a point that gets a bit annoying.

Eckhart does a decent job as the Sergeant in command in the last hour or so of the movie and the aliens looks “different” from the norm, thankfully…

Although some of the expert reviewers who saw this movie might consider it to be another pointless sci-fi action movie, you’ll find that in comparison, this movie is much better than watching Transformers 3.

Let’s face it: it’s not a movie for the Oscars, and nor are the special effects any better yet the truth is that a little peek into the lives’ of the Marines before the action begins gave the movie a bit of depth and realism.

And don’t expect this movie to be anything better than your proverbial World War II classics like Saving Private Ryan or The Thin Red Line either. It’s a movie to watch once, and many more times only if you are an Aaron Eckhart fan.

Then again, it all depends on whether you are a Marines’ junkie or not…

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