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Toys are crafted specifically to provide fun for everybody. A perfect example of a timeless favorite is train sets. There are limitless possibilities in toy designs and features with the help of technology. Toys are now more durable and more realistic just like the old time classic train set which is now embodied by the likes of Lionel® Trains Polar Express Train Set – O Gauge.

Trains sets are a classic because they give entertainment to both children and adults. It may be because as a child, seeing a toy that moves and having a toy with a lot pieces is just fascinating and as adults, the idea of building something that is a likeness of a thing that really exists that also shares the same mechanisms brings this inexplicable joy and also the idea that playing with toys gives the nostalgia of youth may be added.

The new Lionel® Trains Polar Express Train Set – O Gauge justifies those reasons why train sets are a classic. This train set is generally designed as a model of the train set that is in the movie titled The Polar Express last 2004. The train set has the aesthetics of an old train making it even more appealing to adults and adds a classic touch to it. The train can be moved forward, backward and stay neutral through the use of the throttle found in the transformer. The controls feature of the train adds the more realistic feel to it compared to other train sets that only requires a push of the power button. The oval train track and trains cars are easy to assemble. An instruction book is included to make the assembling and playing easier. Although this train set is advised for people ages 7 and up, younger kids may also enjoy them through adult supervision making it a perfect toy to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Some very nice features such as actual headlights and interior lights that show silhouettes of passengers make the set more fascinating and realistic. 4 main characters from the movie are also included and may be placed on top of the cars. A bottle of smoking fluid is included to enable one of this train set’s feature which is its ability to puff smoke while the train is moving along the tracks. It also has a realistic train whistle that compliments the puffing smoke.

The Lionel® Trains Polar Express Train Set’s rail track once completely assembled measures 40” x 60” with an O gauge type of scale model. This train set boasts itself for its carefully detailed aesthetics, meticulously crafted train cars to perfectly match the train set from the movie The Polar Express which is mainly a die-cast metal Berkshire steam locomotive also crafted by Lionel® only this time the headlights are round and pen capped with a distinct air whistle. The four character toy figures from the movie have moveable body parts. It is advised that parents will watch their children while they are playing these figures for they are tiny enough to swallow. The train needs to be charged prior to playing with it so that it’ll work efficiently.

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