With the change in technology, Internet has emerged as the new market for both buyers and sellers. Over the years, this has resulted in steady elimination of the middleman, retailers and neighborhood stores. Buyers are no longer required to visit stores physically to make purchases – instead items can be bought online with just the click of a mouse and that too in real time. Product and bulk discounts, festive offers, free product samples, free gifts, and free shipping are some of the incentives that make online purchasing a lucrative deal. Products can be procured at highly competitive rates, especially in auction sites along with free shipping facilities.

Being focused enables a buyer to safeguard themselves. In addition, being alert enables a buyer to react quickly and effectively if the product does not live up to their expectation. Certainly, there are more than seven tips for buying &/or bidding for products from an online auction store such as eBay; but here are the most common pointers –

1) Buy only from securen websites:

How can an individual tell if a site is secure or not? Here is the answer – secure sites use encryption technology to transfer information from the buyer’s computer to the seller’s computer such as a credit or debit card number, CVV code, etc. At the time of making the payment, the web address changes to https://. The ‘s’ signifies that the site is secure for online transactions. For instance, while checking out on eBay, the site address changes from http:// to https:// In addition, a ‘lock’ sign appears in the web browser to signify that the site is indeed secure.

2) Research the service provider before placing an order:

Knowing from where to buy might seem something very common yet it is the most overlooked part. Business should only be done with companies you are aware of. A professional business always has it’s address and contact details available online, along with a customer care or a helpdesk. Auction sites like Amazon and eBay have stringent rules for a seller to get listed on the site. It is also prudent for the buyer to check out the seller’s reviews, past history, along with delivery terms to form an opinion.

3) Restricted Information disclosure:

At the time of making an online purchase, common sense should be used while providing information to the seller; any information which does not …


Over the past decade, people have increased their amount of internet purchases. A product that is starting to see a tremendous internet sales boost is makeup. More and more, people are starting to turn to the internet re-stock their cosmetic cases. There are more websites devoted to cosmetic sales. These websites range from manufacturer’s having an e-commerce site, large sites that sell beauty products, and online auction sites selling beauty products. Unfortunately, there can be disadvantages to using e-commerce sites to buy makeup products. These seven points to know about buying cosmetics online should result in making a good purchase.
1. Buy brands that you trust from reputable stores

Buying makeup from brands you trust helps to avoid some of the problems with buying makeup online. You will be less likely to return the product and there is a good chance you will not experience skin irritations from a brand you know. Many prominent cosmetic companies, like M.A.C., have e-commerce sites. There are several online retailers that sell cosmetics. Sephora, who also has a physical store, and are two examples of cosmetic retailers that are reputable and have been in business a long time. The great thing about these two sites is that they allow you to purchase makeup from several brands in one place.
2. Try not to buy a lot of makeup that you have never used before

If you feel the need to be adventurous and try new colors or brands, buy small amounts. You do not want to spend tons of money on a product that you may or may not like. Avoid experimenting with expensive cosmetic items. Try a lipstick or lip liner; these items tend to not be as expensive. You will save yourself the frustration of having expensive makeup that you cannot use and may end up discarding. Do not experiment with products like concealer and foundation. They tend to be more expensive and it is hard to use an online swatch to get a proper skin color match.
3. Do your research

Buying cosmetics online is convenient. Internet retail stores never close and you can make purchase without leaving your home. Researching the products will help you make informed purchase decisions. Make a list of the makeup you want to try, search the internet and try to find out as much information about product and manufacturer as you can. Important information …