Laptop or Netbook?

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Technology in our world today is still currently evolving. This would indicate the progress of our technological advancement in creating new gadgets in communication, transportation, household appliances and many others that would make our lives easier. These vast changes led to much confusion to people who wants to buy new gadgets but they are unable to know what is the best for them to use and if either they will buy a netbook or a laptop. This dilemma by buyers will be answered within this article.

The Difference…

Let us see the difference between a netbook from a laptop with regards to their physical features regarding their size and resolution. To start off, netbooks are much smaller than notebooks which their size ranges from about 7 to 10 inches from corner to corner with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600. Laptops on the other hand, has a starting screen size of about 14 inches with its maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 also or more. Anything below the mentioned resolution with regards to netbook would require the user to scroll a webpage when surfing the net in order to view fully the webpage. The size of the netbook would indicate that is much comfortable bringing it anywhere because of its small size and lighter in weight than laptops.

Performance Wise…

Performance of a gadget should be the most important part of it. There is a big difference from a netbooks’ performance from an ordinary laptop. This is because a netbook has a lower processor speed and graphics memory which will give inconveniences to some users especially those who would want to open videos like in YouTube. This troublesome feature can be performed well by laptops faster and with high performance.

Netbook? Think Twice, Do You Need Optical Drive?

Another key point difference between the two is its optical drives and connectivity. This is pertaining to the availability of an optical disk drives wherein you can insert CDs or DVDs which you can only find in laptops as well as a built-in WiFi ready and other connectivity devices which can be installed in the laptop. Because of the netbooks’ small size, optical disk drives cannot be installed, rather they are more centered in providing the best connectivity you could use such as WiFi and a Bluetooth for 3G mobile phone to access internet